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The global eCommerce marketplace is one of the biggest, most diverse, and fastest growing industries of the last two decades. As time goes on, an increasing number of businesses – both large and small – have moved into online retailing. Thanks to the age of the internet coupled with rapid advancements in mobile technology, eCommerce has gave birth to a booming digital economy where everyone from consumers to large scale manufacturers can easily purchase whatever their hearts desire with just a few quick clicks.

One of the more interesting aspects of eCommerce is the ability for manufacturers to connect directly with consumers. In many cases this has eliminated the middle-man completely, allowing manufacturers to achieve higher profit margins rather than being limited to bulk orders and the strong arm of mega-buyers who constantly attempt to beat down prices. In other cases, manufacturers have chosen to work with anyone willing to buy, whether the purchaser requires a single item or twenty-thousand units. In either circumstance, new doors have opened for everyone thanks to eCommerce. It’s now something so deeply integrated into our everyday lives that it’s hard to imagine its absence.

An important benefit that comes into play with online shopping is the simplicity of starting a business. The internet is literally flooded with eCommerce websites, from micro-niche retailers operated by a single person, to massive department stores and everything in between.  Many of the smaller stores are owned by people who never would have imagined themselves running a profitable business from the comfort of their home without needing to put on a suit and tie each day. The general ease and low cost of starting an eCommerce business – at least when compared to traditional methods of retailing – has naturally resulted in some fierce competition. As the digital marketplace continues to expand with seemingly no end in sight, more and more entrepreneurs are popping up out of the woodwork. The result? A new industry has not only come into play, but has transformed rapidly into its own mini-economy… eCommerce SEO.


SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of creating and streamlining each and every detail of a website in the effort to rank as high as possible on search engine result pages. Optimizing your eCommerce website is a crucial part of being seen by potential customers who are seeking the exact products your store is offering. With the massive amount of eCommerce websites, even niche product retailers can face strong competition, and if you’re ranking within the first page of search results, you’re basically handing over the sales to your competitors. In short, this means that eCommerce SEO is one of the single most important investments you can make for your online business.


Generally speaking, SEO is SEO. However, SEO for eCommerce can be much more involved, detailed, and time consuming. Furthermore, most people who optimize their eCommerce websites (and yes, even those who pay agencies for SEO) don’t reap the full benefits or potential performance of their eCommerce website due to poor or improper optimization practices.

With a regular website, you’re usually optimizing for a certain set of services, or a particular product (or group of products). But when it comes to eCommerce websites – especially the medium to larger sites consisting of 500+ products – there is an immense amount of work required to earn and achieve top rankings on the search engines. Here’s why.

On an eCommerce site, each product is different and requires its own description, characteristics, specifications, etc.. In addition, many of these products will fall into larger product categories. So, in order to achieve total and correct optimization, each and every product on that site needs to be properly optimized. But there’s more – 99% of the time, there are hundreds of other online retailers selling the same product(s) as you, and they’re all using the manufacturer’s original description, stats, and selling points. Naturally, this product information is important because the features or benefits clearly need to be stated – after all, they are the selling points that inform potential customers and entice them to buy. However, with so many different sites utilizing the same information for the same product, search engines become overwhelmed and resort to other factors to determine who ranks highest. Because of this it can seem almost impossible to rank highly, especially when competing with stores whose sites will naturally rank well due to their authority, volume of visitors, popular brand name, and various other factors.

In order to truly become a competitor – and to surpass the largest retailers even if you’re a smaller store – you absolutely must list your products using 100% original content. This means completely rewriting the manufacturer’s descriptions, features and specifications in a way that your content is completely different from everyone else, while still keeping true to those ever-important product details. It’s not an easy job. It requires time, dedication, and highly-experienced writers to pull it off correctly. On top of this, eCommerce sites are usually full of images which showcase each product, and every last image must be optimized – from the file size and file name to the title tag and image description – if you truly want to capture the attention of a search engine. Those who invest the time and effort to do so while keeping in line with the multitudes of other best practices for eCommerce SEO will enjoy the fruits of their labors through higher rankings, more traffic, better sales volume, and more revenue.

(Something to keep in mind here is that the world’s largest online retailers almost always use the generic descriptions provided by the manufacturers, usually copying that content directly from the brand’s website itself – so yes, you can rank higher than Wal-Mart or Home Depot for a specific product by using a well-crafted, original, and lengthy product description)


  • Proper and strategic category structuring for visitor’s ease-of-use
  • The use of strategically formatted URLs (for both categories and individual products)
  • Consistency in product page formatting, layout, and code
  • Detailed, correct, and up-to-date sitemaps
  • Strategic use of category keywords and product keywords that work in unison
  • A solid internal linking structure (this also improves the performance of cross-selling)
  • Extensive off-site efforts that target the site as a whole, the categories, and the individual products themselves
  • Aggressive and broad inbound linking strategies with multi-faceted intentions to acquire links at the main, category, and product levels
  • And much more…

As you can clearly begin to understand, SEO for eCommerce is more detailed and intensive than it is for your average, run-of-the-mill website – but for good reason. And when executed properly, it can be the most beneficial investment you can make to ensure continual growth and expansion well into the future.


If you’re ready to turn your eCommerce business into a powerhouse and reach its full potential for performance, you require experienced professionals. Our SEO agency in NYC specializes in eCommerce SEO for a variety of industries and our services span clients of all sizes. Whether you’re just getting started in the online marketplace or have years in business, there’s a good chance that we can deliver impressive results that will take your business to the next level, over and over again.

Contact us today for a free, no-hassle, no-obligation consultation. We’d love to learn about your business, speak with you about your struggles and goals, and determine if we’re a match for a long-term eCommerce SEO partnership. As leaders in this field, we’re confident that speaking with us could be one of the best choices you (and your business) have ever made.



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