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Service companies make up a large part of local and regional economies. These businesses employ millions of workers and are an important facet of the business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketplace. From trade services like HVAC, roofing, plumbing, electrical, appliance repair, landscaping or automotive services to more specialized businesses (shopping services, doggy daycare, beauty salons, etc.), there are always people ready and willing to pay for what’s being offered.

As a business owner, being visible and available to those who seek your services is key. While growing through word-of-mouth and a good reputation can go a long way, the internet poses new opportunities and methods for reaching potential customers. What’s even more important is that unlike a phonebook or a personal recommendation, the internet offers near instant access to any service imaginable. In this day and age, timing and availability is crucial.

So how can your business capitalize on this opportunity to draw in new customers, get more traffic to your website, receive more phone calls, acquire better leads, and earn higher levels of revenue than ever before? The answer is simple: SEO for service companies in NYC.


SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. For simplicity, let’s just say SEO is the process of properly tuning your small business website so it can be recognized, read, and ranked by the major internet search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The better your site is tuned, the better it performs on search engines. For example, a service company in NYC – let’s say a locksmith – who has a poorly optimized website will not show up on the first page of search engine results when someone searches for Locksmith in NYC. However, a professionally-optimized website will usually show up on the first page of results. It’s really quite simple to see how this all works. The first page offers more exposure, and those who rank the highest get the most calls, the most leads, and the vast majority of the money from customers seeking services online.

Implementing SEO for your service company in NYC can play an important role in helping your business thrive. You can earn more revenue, expand your operations, build a bigger client base, and most importantly you can actively target people in your local service area. Best of all, it’s sustainable for the long-term and an excellent investment that pays dividends over traditional methods of advertising such as expensive TV or radio placements. Instead of paying a small fortune to reach everyone with a radio ad, an SEO campaign allows you to target only those people who are actively seeking your services, often at pennies on the dollar. It cuts wasteful spending, minimizes risk, and drastically improves your probability of becoming a top competitor within your service area.


If your goal is growth, then yes, your service company needs a proper SEO campaign. You can move slowly and lightly, or quickly and aggressively depending on your budget. Either way, once you begin to rank on the first page of google for search terms that are relevant to your business, you will see calls/leads/inquiries increasing. If done correctly, your website can become your best salesperson and you’ll become a real competitor in your field. Imagine your business being the first one to pop-up in Google’s search results – the amount of visibility you’ll receive will be ten-fold over those who rank at the bottom of the first page.

Oh, and those service companies whose websites show up on the second or third page? Forget it – they’d be lucky to get two or three leads a year from the internet. Exposure is everything, and optimizing your service company’s website is a sure-fire method for success as long as you work with a knowledgeable, reliable, and trusted SEO company in NYC (or wherever you’re located).


It’s safe to say that search engine optimization is key to local and/or regional success for any type of service-based business. But how do you go about finding an agency that you can trust to get the job done right? First of all, contact them for a free consultation. See what they have to say, and if doesn’t make sense you probably won’t want to hire them. Any high-quality SEO agency will take the time to:

  • Listen to your needs
  • Learn about your business
  • Understand your short and long-term goals
  • Review your website
  • Explain the unique situation you’re in
  • Offer a strategy and various options for moving forward

And don’t forget, a top-notch SEO agency will consider more than just bringing more traffic to your website – they’ll focus on bringing the right traffic, and helping you convert that traffic into real, quantifiable revenue.

To learn more about service company SEO in New York City  and how to get started on the path to being an industry leader – regardless of where your business currently stands – contact us today. We’d be more than happy to provide a free consultation and see if we’re a fit for turning your website into the best salesperson you’ve ever had.



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